Quotes från Marie Claire

"I think you´re either born with a sense of style or you´re not. And we love fashion."
-Om hennes och Mary-Kates sinne för mode

"I don´t know if I´ll be running this collection forever. A couple of years from now I´m sure I want to do something else, and I´m not going to shy away from that. What if I just want to go build furniture? What if I just want to be an artist, of if I want to go bck to acting? Which is not in the cards, but if I wanted to do that?"
-Om framtiden

"I swear to you, it´s brought out this whole new thing in me. I can be a very serious person and I take my job very seriously, but at the end of the day, I need a break."
-Om Wii-spelet Rock Band som hon spelar minst två timmar varje kväll.

Det finns många bra quotes från Ashleys intervju med Marie Claire, men här ovan är tre jag gillade:) Här har jag postat en tidigare också.


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